Eljojofe e.V.
- support for farmers in Ethiopia

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About us

Eljojofe is established by friends and experts on processing, finance and development, is building an inclusive and innovative community to initiates and supports projects on bio-dynamic growing and processing and preservation of agricultural products in Ethiopia (East Africa). Eljojofe is non-profit organisation registered in Germany that has set itself the task to provide technology, know-how and the necessary means of production for Ethiopian small farmers and marginalized groups of the urban population.

More than 150 friends of Eljojofe have undertaken capacity building and knowledge exchange visites in Ethiopia and in different part of our project. We are all passionate about transforming the agriculture system, with expertise and perspectives from across the food cosmetics and herbal medicinal plant chain.

We offer technical and financial support to organic farmers and processors in Ethiopia. ELJOJOFE assists poor Ethiopian organic farmers to orchestrate the value chain of organic food, cosmetics and herbal production, processing and marketing.

ELJOJOFE was founded in 2007 to provide technological and financial support to Ecological Products of Ethiopia (Ecopia) in order to promote Ethiopian organic agriculture producers and processors.

Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie, one of the founders of ELJOJOFE, established Ecological Products of Ethiopia (Ecopia). Ecopia Plc is a holding group company that orchestrates the value chain of organic food, cosmetics and herbal production, processing and marketing. The head quarters are in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Essentially, today ECOPIA is involved in the commercial movement of organic food from the field (650 Ethiopian organic producers) to the consumers.


  • President: Felix Matschie
  • Ms. Julia Gershenzon (Green Academy project)
  • Christophe Yola(Projects)
  • Dr. Mistlal Kifleyesus-Matschie (establishing the entrepreneurship and incubation center)
  • Steffen Kube (IT-Support)

Food Processing


We are on a mission to build an inclusive and innovative organic agriculture processors community where the youth and women are actively involved environmental and sustainable income and revenue generation. This is achieved through our 6 strategic objectives: on hand demonstration, creating products demand and market based, use technology to bridge the Ethiopian agriculture from informal to formal sector, educate and enhance on processing technologies, enhance sustainability through bio economy and promote environmental sustainability measures through all the actions.

The starting point is the consideration that ecological farming will bring sustainability to the population and provides high-quality products. So far, the processing / preservation of agricultural products in Ethiopia is little. The reasons for this is challenging in coordinating the supply and value addition stakeholders and chain, lack of access to ingredients and packing materials, lack of access to national and international market, informal sector hindering quality products and financial support to grown from lesson learning. Thus the seasonal agricultural products are used only for immediate use daily-used and unnecessary surplus spoils.

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